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English 102

Open Courseware

Concept Map  for English 102

Teaching/Learning Modules

  • The Philosophy of Critical Analysis:  This CC BY-SA PowerPoint presentation introduces English 102 students to some of the basic philosophy of critical analysis, including the difference between feelings and thoughts, the values of a rational thinker, the movement past binary thinking, and the steps involved in critical analysis.  Best used early in the semester.
  • Avoiding Oversimplification: This CC BY module contains discussion of two common varieties of oversimplification: the False Dilemma fallacy and Stereotyping.  Nigerian author Chimimanda Adichie’s TED Talk is incorporated into a reflective writing prompt at the end.
  • Classical Argumentation — Invention and Disposition: This CC BY PowerPoint presentation introduces English 102 students to the development and organization of an argument.  The canons of invention and disposition are included, with great emphasis on the development of confirmation and refutation paragraphs.
  • Refutation Group Activity (One, Two, and Three): These CC BY files (.docx) contain several examples of arguments in different forms, ranging from political ads to pop songs.  Used in conjunction with the previous handout, students in groups choose one of the arguments and discuss/report how they might go about refuting the argument.
  • Titles: This CC BY-SA PowerPoint presentation provides some tips on titling essays and how to format titles according to MLA guidelines.
  • Paraphrase Practice Examples:  This CC BY .docx contains four original passages (from works in the public domain) along with sample paraphrases.  Use for determining acceptability of a paraphrase.
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