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American Indian Student Study

The American Indian Student (AIS) Survey is a research study that was initiated and sponsored by the Scottsdale Community College (SCC) American Indian Program (AIP), the Indigenous Cultural Center (ICC) Strategic Planning Committee, and other campus leadership and administrators. The purpose of this research study is to explore American Indian student perceptions, experiences, and educational outcomes at SCC. The goal is to better understand the ways in which SCC is both supporting and not supporting our American Indian students. The major themes explored are a sense of belonging and connection to SCC and how that sense of belonging influences their educational experience. The below PowerPoint presentation provides additional background information, study methodologies and summary findings thus far. Click on the slide to view the presentation:

In Fall 2019, our office held two planning sessions with SCC and MCCCD employees, SCC students, American Indian tribe and nation members, and members from the surrounding communities. During these session, we presented the information in the above PowerPoint and asked participants to provide recommendations for resolving the issues raised by students in the study. We also provided an online feedback form with the same questions for additional participation beyond the sessions. From the AIS focus groups and survey as well as the voices of those participating in campus sessions and the feedback form came an in depth set of recommendations for SCC on how to better serve our AIS. To view this summary, click here: Summary of Participant Recommendations.

Once the full strategic plan for the Indigenous Cultural Center is finalized, we will make that available on this page.

If you have any comments regarding the information presented at the ICC Strategic Planning Session including the AIS Study PowerPoint or Participant Recommendations and/or have questions about the study, please contact Laurie Cohen and Crystal Morehouse in SCC Institutional Research and Planning.

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